2016 Birds

Species States
Carolina Chickadee Arkansas
Black-capped Chickadee NY
Tufted Titmouse Arkansas
Downy Woodpecker Arkansas, NY
Hairy Woodpecker Arkansas
White-breasted Nuthatch Arkansas
Cooper’s Hawk Arkansas
Red-tailed Hawk Arkansas
Red-shouldered Hawk Arkansas
Scarlet Tanager TX
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Arkansas
Indigo Bunting Arkansas
Northern Cardinal Arkansas, NY
White-throated Sparrow Arkansas
Baltimore Oriole NY, MN,
Common Grackel Arkansas, TX, NY
Great-tailed Grackel TX
Canada Goose Arkansas, NY, CO, London England,
Great Blue Heron Arkansas, Stockholm Sweden
Great Egret Stockholm Sweden
Cattel Egret Arkansas,
Snowy Egret OK,
White-winged Dove TX
Steller’s Jay CO
Common Raven London England
Mute Swan MO, Helsinki Finland, London England
Green Heron Arkansas
Wood Duck MN,
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Arkansas
Red-bellied Woodpecker Arkansas, NY
Pileated Woodpecker Arkansas
Eastern Phoebe Arkansas
Eastern Kingbird Arkansas
Blue Jay Arkansas, NY
Purple Martin TN
Nighthawk TX, AR
Carolina Wren Arkansas
Eastern Bluebird Arkansas
Gray Catbird Arkansas
Mallard Arkansas, MO
Turkey Vulture Arkansas
Black Vulture Arkansas
Bald Eagle KS, MN
American Coot Arkansas, MO
Pie-billed Grebe Arkansas
Western Grebe Arkansas
Killdeer Arkansas
Ring-billed Gull Arkansas
Rock Pigeon Arkansas
Mourning Dove Arkansas
Eurasian Collared-dove Arkansas
Chimney Swift Arkansas, TN,
Belted Kingfisher Arkansas,
Northern Flicker Arkansas
American Crow Arkansas
Fish Crow Arkansas
Barn Swallow Arkansas, Helsinki Finland,
Tree Swallow Arkansas
House Wren Arkansas
Broad-winged Hawk Arkansas
Osprey Arkansas, NY
American Robin Arkansas, NY
Northern Mockingbird Arkansas
Treecreeper Arkansas
Brown Thrasher Arkansas
Cedar Waxwing Arkansas, MN
European Starling Arkansas
Yellow Warbler NY (Sayville)
Northern Parula Arkansas
Yellow-rumped Warbler Arkansas, Chicago IL,
Common Yellowthroat Arkansas
Chipping Sparrow Arkansas
Song Sparrow Arkansas, MO
White-crowned Sparrow Arkansas, MO
Dark-eyed Junco Arkansas, MN
Red-winged Blackbird Arkansas, MN
Brown-headed Cowbird Arkansas
House Sparrow Arkansas, NY, Helsinki Finland
American Goldfinch Arkansas
Wild Turkey KS, MN
House Finch Arkansas,
Purple Finch Arkansas
Eastern/Western Medowlark Arkansas
Sharp-shinned Hawk Arkansas
Red-eyed Vireo Arkansas
White-eyed Vireo Arkansas
Rough-winged Swallow Arkansas
Black and White Warbler Arkansas
Eastern Towhee Arkansas
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Arkansas
Kentucky Warbler Arkansas
Blue-winged Warbler Arkansas
Louisiana Waterthrush Arkansas
Hermit Thrush Chicago IL
Pine Siskin Arkansas
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher Arkansas
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Arkansas
Mississippi Kite Arkansas
Snow Goose MO,
Ross’s Goose MO,
American Kestrel Arkansas, MO
Northern Harrier MO,
Eurasian Moorhen Dublin Ireland,
Woodpigeon France, Ireland, UK,
Herring Gull London England, Helsinki Finland
Tufted Duck Dublin Ireland
White Pelican London England,
Grey Heron London England, Stockholm Sweden,
Black Swan London England,
Stock Pigeon London England,
Black-headed Gull London England, Olso Norway,
Graylag Goose London England,
American Tree Sparrow MO, MN,
White Wagtail Oslo Norway, Helsinki Finland,
Song Thrush Oslo Norway, Stockholm Sweden
Eurasian Oystercatcher Helsinki Finland,
Common Tern Helsinki Finland,
Goosander/Common Merganser (male with female) then lone female on rooftop Helsinki Finland,
Goldeneye Helsinki Finland,
Wheatear Helsinki Finland
Great Crested Grebe Helsinki Finland
Blackbird Helsinki Finland
Barnacle Goose Helsinki Finland
Eider Helsinki Finland
Greater Black-backed gull Helsinki Finland
Great Tit London England
Eurasian Blue Tit Stockholm Sweden
Eurasian Nuthatch Stockholm Sweden
Magpie Dublin Ireland
Red Breasted Goose London England
Double-breasted Cormorant Paris France, Arkansas, Chicago IL,
Hooded Crow EU
Green-winged Teal MN,
Gadwall Arkansas
Hooded Merganser Arkansas
Pie-billed Grebe Arkansas
Grebe Arkansas
Northern Shovler Arkansas
Buffelhead Arkansas
Widgeon Arkansas
Ring Billed Duck Arkansas
Common Gull Helsinki Finland
European Robin London England
Bonaparte’s Gull Arkansas
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Arkansas
Golden-crowned Kinglet Chicago IL
Roadrunner Arkansas
Yellow-throated Warbler Arkansas
Total: 148

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